SPG is updated daily. Only the complete, original taking the lower work.
It rises by the original work contribution and exchanging 20-30 point every day.
The work of opening to the public is 15,000 points or more.
The work is high quality by 1100 pixels ×800 pixels.
There is an event about the photo session participation.
The fee is 1,900 yen a month.(about us$17)

SPG is a creative circle that says that it talks about the photograph and the camera by the photo session, and the work is made. Member's people are able not only to see the creation work of SPG but also to do participation in the photo session and making both works. Will you enjoy the photograph with one and us whom with zeal it likes photograph?

★The 11th anniversary in SPG foundation!
What's NEW
An Namba -Jeju Dream-
It opens it to the public in Yousoudo special gallery. Such her lovely expression can be seen only with SPG.
Mai Hagiwara -Another Story-
It opens it to the public in Yousoudo special gallery. Please enjoy her charm with SPG.
sawadee -City Girl-
The “City Girl" series best condition is being opened to the public in sawadee special gallery. Please enjoy the world of sawadee.

Yousoudo Digital Photo Gallery
There is a sample

Azumi Toono (age19) Maya Yoshimi (age19) Runna Sakai (age23)
Rumi Kikkouji (age20) Sakura Sakurada (age23) Ibuki Mine (age22)
Vanira Ogura (age19) Mitsu Hachino (age20) Meguru Kosaka (age20)

1F Welcome Floor
This floor is
a free floor.It introduces the scenery work, the snap, and the portrait, etc. by the member in this floor. Moreover, it introduces a general contributed work on this floor, and contribute the work fast, please.
General contribution image BBS, camera information BBS, and railway BBS are arranged.
2F Member's Floor
This floor is a floor said that it has communications through the image. Members contribution image image BBS and photo session image BBS are set up. Daily Photo Gallery opening to the public. Let's enjoy it all.
3F Member's Floor
This floor is author gallery composition. The work of each author has been exhibited, and enjoy a favorite work in the gallery of a favorite author, please. Mr. model's individuality thinks and the individuality of the work and the author made the best use of thinks the work made the best use of for it to be able to enjoy it respectively.
4F Member's Floor
Special work gallery exhibition. As for this floor, author special image has been exhibited a lot.